Garrett Peters: tribute to Elias Viljanen

My cover of Sonata Arctica's Flag In The Ground Solo.

Guitarist: Elias "E.Vil" Viljanen
Album: The Days Of Grays (2009)
Tuning: D Standard
(Not sure if that's correct. But that's how I'm playing it) He has a 7 string so I kinda had to guess.

As most of you may (should) know, I am a huge Sonata Arctica fan. I know this isn't a Jani Liimatainen song/solo but don't you worry, I will DEFINITELY have more Sonata videos in the future. And maybe some of Jani's new stuff from Cain's Offering! (If you haven't checked them out, I suggest you do so). But yea I really liked this solo and it was well written, so please no hating on Elias or comparing or any of that. Thank you!

Sonata Arctica - Flag In The Ground Solo Cover (Garrett Peters)