Matthew Von Doran: Make the Fretboard Work for you DVD

Product Description
Learn how to take command of the fretboard with Matthew Von Doran
This incredible DVD will show you how to strengthen your grasp of scale, chord & arpeggio vocabulary on the guitar by going from the big picture to the little picture of how it all works together. By exploring the shapes within the shapes on the fretboard, you'll see how all of your patterns can be integrated into one macro-visualization.
This DVD is filled with straight-forward practice concepts that use proven visualization techniques designed to accelerate your growth in all areas of guitar playing... theory, technique, improvising, composing, chord construction, and more. And in the end, you’ll be creating music on a broader & deeper level than ever before. Also includes guitar jam tracks.
Matthew Von Doran has been active in the Los Angeles music scene for over 30 years as a jazz & rock artist, sideman, session player, and educator. He has worked with numerous bands worldwide reflecting all styles and genres of music. order a copy