Allan Holdsworth, Jimmy Page: listed as guitarists for Donovan!

Nick Greenberg: Dave Martone Contest

BASS: Yngwie Malmsteeen "Far beyond the Sun"... on bass!!!

Vitaly Makukin: acoustic tapping at musikmesse

Giorgio Rovati: Rock shred solo

Marco Sfogli: Peter Wildoer drums on new CD

Malina Moye: jams at fender

Jeff Loomis: interview

Lenon: Andy James shredding competition

News: Los Alamos gets a guitar!

Uli Tisch-Rottensteiner: Andy James shredding competition

Jimmy Herring: Jam Session

Ricardo Walls: Lee Peterson's Competition

Marco De Cave: TRex Milan Polak Strings On Fire 2 - smoking!

Giorgio Rovati: TRex Milan Polak Strings On Fire 2

Rokas Jackūnas: Strings on Fire ll competition entry

Claus Levin Sepstrup: king picking

Roger Pedersen: Lost In Space track from upcoming CD.

Sydnei Carvalho,Alex Martinho: Double Vision DVD

Fletcher Barton: thanks TIS for D'Addario and Planet Waves prescient vision!

Tom Quayle: plays giant "fast" steps

Rob Chappers: Monkeyfest moving to 2011

Andy James, Owen Edwards: Northants Guitar Night 5 pairs of tickets up for grabs!

Tom Quayle, Rick Graham: 3 day August master class details posted

News: custom guitar boutique has new Zuni guitars in stock.