t-cophony: October sky (New)

Khan Manuel: Arpeggio Basics

Andreas Varady: more astonishing 13 year old jazz!

Milan Polak: blue noize

Rob Favotto: Lift Off CD details

Joe Pinnavaia: demos Jet City JCA20H

Scott Mosher: photographic Californian journey

Everton Ricci: Concurso Double Vision competition

Yngwie Malmsteen: back to the studio

Ron Thal: GNR show gets shut down and Leeds show gets the chop!

Joe Stump: live DVD on the way

Ty Tabor: kings x "Live Love in London" and US tour dates

Paulo Pacheco: live4guitar!

Kentarou Matsuura: Rising Sun!

News: expand your ear with definitive Monk, Trane and Rollins

Juan Carlos Portillo: Bohemian Rhapsody-Symphonic!

Damir Puh: Live4guitar - cool solo!

Scott Kerr: Jammulus

Alex Hutchings: live in Perugia