Vlatko Stefanovski: live 2008

Stu Hamm: MMI Milan clinic

David Wallimann, Derryl Gabel, Muris Varajic,Nick Kellie: Guitar Fusion Competition

Victor Molina: tribute to Allan Holdsworth

Hedras Ramos: more TV and radio on the way.

Subway Bandit: full gear reviews coming from this rising star!

Rob Chappers: new solo EP and Clinic Dates

Jacob Ziemba: promo of new solo project

Kirill Konyaev: gets TV coverage

Kraunch Montozin: TREX blue bug competition

Michael Harris: Tranz-Fused getting rave reviews

Dave Brock: Hawkwinfd UK tour dates

Steve Vai: Berklee online class course

Nahuel Schiumarini: in smooth jazz mood

Michael Dolce: shred knowledge masterclass lesson and interview

Aleksandar Sukovic: tapping V's picking lesson live4guitar

Steve Hackett: guitar international interview

Rusty Cooley: Conklin 8 string up for grabs

Nili Brosh, Andy Timmons: Andy praises the young player!

Hetriani: demo track