Steve Hackett: guitar international interview

Steve Hackett:
Well, when I started out, I was listening to bands like The Shadows and the Ventures. Most guitar solos in those days tended to sound like the soundtracks to cowboy movies, and indeed were in many cases. So it’s really the story of how the guitar moved from the Bonanza sound that we all remember to the kind of screaming, sustaining, female-voice-emulating-screaming sound that we associate with all those long-haired reprobates all those years later.

You had the influence of the southern states first of all and all that Duane Eddy stuff and I loved all that. One of my favorite records as a kid was Because We’re Young. That became the theme tune for a radio station in England which used to have to broadcast itself through Luxembourg. It was known as Radio Luxembourg. The signal used to come and go on that thing and be very, very weak. But nonetheless, everybody in England who was into music had their ears glued to that. I was listening to all that early stuff and every period onwards. more

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