Michael Dolce: shred knowledge masterclass lesson and interview

1. Michael you hold a number of masterclass's ,what can a student expect from this , hows that going and do you have many sponsors for that?

I've got a good run of the master classes happening at the moment, with more on the way .I feel really excited about meeting other guitarists and sharing my thoughts and approach with them.
They'll be definitely be seeing my concepts and approach covering arpeggios,melodic minor ideas,wide pentatonic ideas legato lines etc ..and all of it is in simple form.
Originally when I decided I was going to conduct these classes ,I always wanted to make sure that I give the players my honest approach without the theory i,e ideas they can relate to simple and effective, and at the same time making it there own .
I have to mention the shops I'm doing the master classes in, cause they're giving up there time after hours to do this for me and a big thankyou to Carl at xotic Australia for lending a hand and treating me to fantastic pedals . more