Lucas Andrés: Blue Bug Competition

Tom Richardson: Blue Bug Competition - another great solo!

Yiannis Papadopoulos: Blue Bug Competition - another cool solo!

Arie Pablo: Blue Bug Competition

Mr. Leedsman: Blue Bug competition

Ignazio Di Salvo: Guitar euromedia contest

Jack Gardiner: Guitar Addiction solo contest

Gonzalo Vieira: Guitar Fusion Contest

Victor Camargo: Guitar Fusion Contest

Dave Reeves: First time ever I saw your face

John Petrucci: Zoom Q3HD

Bryan Aspey: About to wire up my DiMarzio Shred This III prize!

Pascal Vign: live in Paris

Derryl Gabel: Play That Riff, more details

Vinnie Moore: Try Me Brighton 7/12/10

Fletcher Barton: 10 year old "Death By Gluegun" covers Killing in the Name Of

Christian Clemente: No More blues!

Nahuel Schiumarini: Fusion Funk Contest

Nahuel Schiumarini: Blue Bug competition

Fabiano Rodriguo: Sunday Blues

Ignazio Di Salvo: Guthrie Govan Style

Marcos De Ros: Fuhrmann Rocking Tube review

Andy Timmons: on Jeff Beck

Hetriani: Merry Jinglemas!

Tommy Emmanuel: appears on Michael Jackson tribute

Wayne Krantz: Live and interview New Universe Music Festival

Jimmy Herring: Interview and live New Universe Music Festival

Alex Machacek: interview and Sound Check New Universe Music Festival

Eric Gales: Relentless new CD

Jess Lewis: Jazz excursions