Gary Moore: guitarist tributes pour in, including Jason Becker

Even more tributes including Alex Lifeson | the sad news of Gary Moore's Death

Lots of tributes posted from guitarists great and small, here is a selection that I have gathered, no real order to the list, just as I found them.

Jason Becker:
RIP Gary Moore. You were a big influence on me. Your mix of passion, soul and technique was incredible! I played your intro solo to End of the World in High School. I will post it some day.

Frank Gambale :
I'm very sad to hear the news about Gary Moore's death. I had the pleasure of meeting and playing on the same bill with him in London. He's a great guy, great guitar player, R.I.P Gary Moore. Make every day count folks. Later, FG

Brett Garsed:
R.I.P. the legendary Gary Moore...

Dave Martone:
We have lost one of the most incredible guitarist of our time. Gary Moore had inspired me to play from the soul. Thank you Gary for all of your inspiration over time. RIP. I will share with you my favorite song with you...

George Bellas:
Gary Moore was a phenomenal musician whose playing just oozed with soul. He will be deeply missed. Rest in peace Gary.

Alex Skolnick:
"RIP, Gary Moore. Brilliant guitarist, not the most household name but one who didn't need trends, gimmicks or image, just pure tone and soul."

Andy Timmons:
R.I.P. Gary unbelievably sad day!

Mick Box:
"On Sunday it was very sad to read that Gary Moore had died. I was most upset, as I have known Gary for many years, and he is a wonderful guitarist and friend. He will be sadly missed, but he leaves us with a wonderful legacy of music, and my heart goes out to his family. Rest in peace, my friend!"

Brian Robertson:
"A horrible Rock and Roll-loss. A true legend. Loved, respected and admired. Gary Moore will never be forgotten."

Muris Varajic:
Gary of the greatest, one of the most unique, one of the most WILL be missed...R.I.P.

Damjan Pejcinoski:
Sad day for the blues world...R.I.P Gary Moore will be missed ;(
I can't believe.... :((( Gary Moore (1952 - 2011) R.I.P. ...we'll miss you,Gary...

Joop Wolters:
r.i.p gary moore..another legend taken from us

Chris Broderick:
R.I.P. Gary Moore.

Neal Nagaoka:
Im in tears!!! I can't believe Gary Moore passed away. :-(

Jonas Tamas:
Rest in peace, Gary! You were one of my biggest influences. You've made this world a better place with your music. I will never forget you.

‎John Sykes:
"Our condolences to the family of Gary Moore — one of the greatest guitar players ever. A very sad loss for the music world. His playing will inspire generations to come. God bless. Love and respect."

Milan Polak:
I can't believe it - one of my favorite guitarists and first influences died! R.I.P. Gary Moore... :(

Martin Goulding:
Gary Moore R.I.P, absolute legend, sad loss.

Nili Brosh:
RIP Gary Moore...

Karolina Sustova:
has just learned that he died from a guitar wizard Gary Moore. (Just realized That the guitar genius Gary Moore Has Died.: (RIP

Lalle Larsson:
RIP Gary Moore

Jack Gardiner:
RIP Gary Moore! One of the first players I ever heard!

Samuel Bell:
Shocked to hear Gary Moore has passed away, i will always remember going into GAK on weekends and seeing him playing the les pauls really loudly, with some amazing licks and thinking "whoa..thats Gary Moore!", big influence! RIP Gary Moore.

Claudio Mariola:
Off to a blues jam tonight, will think of Gary Moore. R.I.P
Lyle Watt:
RIP Gary Moore :(

Fran Alonso:
We have been Gary Moore ... I can not believe.

Paul Clark:
RIP: Gary Moore an innovator, a beast of a player and with a huge heart a rare combination a tremendous loss

Byron Fry:
So long, Gary. I'm grateful for the inspiration you gave never phoned it in, man. You meant every note and I felt every note.

Tum Siamrath:
R.I.P. Gary Moore

Gustavo Guerrero:
Bad day! : (, we went ... Gary Moore

Guglielmo Malusardi:
On the death of the great Belfast, as well as sadness for the loss of a guitarist monumental anger is always thinking about all the shit you should die or be (meglio!) already dead for a while and do not never crack .. . World of shit ... We'll keep the blues for you Gary!

Sam Coulson:
I can't believe Gary Moore has died at just 58. He has always been a huge inspiration to me with his wicked left hand vibrato and killer chops. It's a sad day for Blues Rock.

Andreas Haukenes:
R.I.P. Gary Moore, Tonight we play discs with old Gary saw it reverberate. First up for me, Still Got the Blues, later classics such as Victims of the Future, Dirty Fingers, Corridors of Power, and many, many more.

Jason Macedo:
We will miss you Gary Moore...

Henry Rollins:
"He was too young to go,"

Bob Daisley:
"It is with great sadness that I acknowledge Gary Moore in this way. His passing has come as a sad and terrible shock and I have difficulty believing that he's gone. I have many fond memories of our years together, both in the workplace of music and as friends. "I have love and respect for Gary as a musician and as a person; he was one of the greatest. "Farewell and rest in peace, Gary, my friend."

Geezer Butler:
"I was very saddened to hear of the passing of one of the greatest guitarists of all time — Gary Moore. His 'Still Got The Blues' album was one of the great albums, certainly one of my favorites. His way of playing cannot be learned — it comes from the soul. R.I.P., Gary."

Jack Bruce:
"Truly shocked and terribly saddened by the news. Our thoughts are with Gary Moore's family, friends and all of his fans. What a sad loss."

Michael Eden:
"Man, I can't believe it was 24 years ago I saw Gary Moore for the first time. "One word says it all today... shocked!! "Gary Moore left us far too soon. He just played an amazing hard rock set last year and many of us were pleased he might have been doing that again so we could see it once again. "Gary did things with a guitar that most guitar players can only dream about. His music in regards to THIN LIZZY or his later solo efforts with Phil [Lynott] and Glenn Hughes should be known as some of the best hard rock ever made. From 'Empty Rooms' to 'Over The Hills', it is with a huge loss that this legend is now gone. He might be gone now but his music will forever speak to us! "Crank it to 11, Moore! Phil and a few friends are waiting to jam!"

The Loner - Gary Moore Live in Stockholm 1987 (RIP Gary)


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