News: Tone King Talent Search 2011

Official Announcement : The 'King's Feast' Talent Search 2011 by

I give you ‘The King’s Feast’! Whereas everyone else has a ‘Fest‘, we’re going to have a Feast! If you have a band, and are struggling in reaching out to a world-wide community of viewers who care about ‘tone‘, I will open up my own forum to let you rise to the top! So .. how does it work?
Simple …
Visit, and you’ll see a forum for TTKs 2011 Band Search.
Post up your work on the site. Tell us your story, and share with us your music, or link to your music & or videos.
On our monthly live webcasts, those who tune in will all have some say in who should win for that month. It may come by means by a poll, a selected panel of judges or something as simple as a general consensus (we’ll fine tune & tweak as we go)
The winner of that month will receive a POST on, which will include details about your band, how to buy your CD, when to see your upcoming show, a plug on your rig, a possible phone interview, etc.). Post will appear under Artist Venues : POST gets blasted out to the entire community of registered subscribers of which reaches (at the time of writing this) approx 4,000+ email addresses.

The judges:

I will also offer to use and promote your music on my YouTube Channel which reaches out to (at the time of writing this) over 12,000+ registered subscribers.
That’s over 16,000 people in two swift posts that will see & hear your story! MORE: