Stu Hamm: Jodi Stevens guitar video channel interview

JS-I just wanted to tell you that I love the new cd, it sounds so alive and fresh. I’m used to hearing this kind of creativity on a player or bands 1st or 2nd cd. How you have you kept your playing and writing so alive and fresh?

Stu-I make a real effort to remain active as far as different things, different appraches to music. I like to learn. I just hope that I always keep progressing.

This is certainly I think a bigger stretch compositionally than a lot of my other records. I think in some of my earlier records I was trying to be more like what people knew from my work with Steve Vai and Joe Satriani and in this record, I didn’t feel so trapped into trying to write music in that genre. I just wrote a bunch of pieces in varying musical styles so that it would be a really interesting experience hopefully for the listener…it would take them to a lot of different musical places.

JS-It seems that you gave yourself a lot of freedom here on this cd.

Stu-Oh, absolutely, yeah.

JS-Is this the cd you’ve always wanted to put out?

Stu-No, I think that every cd I put out was what I wanted to put out at that time. Like in the 90′s when I did the Urge and I had the tight jeans and crap all over the hair and sang. That’s just what was going on in my life at the time. At a certain point it is just a recording of the way yopur playing and composing at the time….I certainly had more influence on this record and just allowed my songs to progress slower, not such a hurry, just able to do some quiter stuff and not just think I’ve got to write some rock songs for people who are Satriani fans.


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