Jonny Barvo: Immunity (Original) - Japan Earthquake appeal

Here is a link about making donations from CANADA:japan earthquake appeal

I wasn't planning on uploading this tonight but I'm pretty excited about how this one turned out so here it is world!
This song has been in the works for many months, as most of my songs are. I have a huge collection of riffs and once I find ones that work together I can begin writing, and it all comes together in a matter of hours. This one was supposed to be in Drop C or D tuning but I decided to go for A-standard on a 7 string! Sounds pretty bad-ass if you ask me.
Once again I'm using untouched presets on my new Axe-Fx and also Drumkit From Hell to program the drums.
On a side note, I have an ear infection (and also sinus and eye infection) and am not feeling very well, so I'm really unsure how the mix sounds for this song. I don't know how much my sense of hearing has been affected, and I literally recorded, mixed, video-recorded and edited this today in a few hours so I haven't heard this with healthy ears yet :p
Either way, Enjoy!

Immunity (Original) [HD]