Milan Polak: Ernie Ball Music Man Dreamscape Challenge

Milan Polak has teamed up with Ernie Ball Music Man to present to you the ultimate Ernie Ball Music Man Dreamscape Challenge!
The Judges:
Derek Brooks: Monk: Puttins: Polak:
The Prizes:
1st prize: Wah Pedal ($249 retail)
2nd prize: Retail Gig Bag Amp-Powered By Marshall ($199 retail)
3rd prize: Volume Pedal JR ($120 retail)
added bonus prize: 1 year Ernie Ball strings endorsement - just upload your entry to
The Steps you need to take to enter:
1) Subscribe to Then download the backing track (feat. Thomas Lang on drums) Video your response solo
4) and then post your video in response to this video (put name of the competition and your full REAL name in the title!): Promote your video
6) Win!
Backing Track chord sequence is:
part a) Amaj7/#11 - Emaj9 (E Ionian)
part b) F#min11 - Bmaj/add4 (F# Dorian)
What we are looking for: great improvisation or composition, great tone, note selection, a ONE TAKE solo, no harmonies, no double tracking, just you with the backing track.
Multiple submissions are allowed and there are no country or age limits!
IMPORTANT: please DON'T delete your entry once it is posted and approved!!! Each entry goes through a process of being watched, commented, approved and added to a list for the jury. This is a very time consuming act and deleting your entry afterwards messes up that list (apart from the time wasted)! Also, DON'T post your video as a response to any other video as it won't be on here anymore due to YT spam policies...!
Problems with video response:
It can take a number of hours for your response to appear. This is because they have to be approved first.
Watch Milan Polak perform "Dreamscapes" live:
All video Responses:
Milan Polak's music:
Song in this Video:
"Dreamscapes" from Milan Polak's CD Dreamscapes (Lion Music) feat. Thomas Lang on drums:
Competition closes 26 June 2011 at 23:00 BST. We'll then shortlist as soon as we can, but it does take some time.
Milan Polak wants to thank Derek Brooks & Kevin Scoles at Ernie Ball Music Man, Laurie Monk and Julian Puttins.

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Ernie Ball Music Man Dreamscape Challenge

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