Damien Ossart-Villanova: The Omen Trio

Damien Ossart-Villanova (guitar, compositions); Julio Rakotonanahary (bass); Erik Borelva (drums)
The Omen trio is the new project by french guitarist Damien Ossart-Villanova. With Julio Rakotonanahary (N'guyen Le, Paco Sery...) on bass and Erik Borelva (Archie Shepp, The last Poets...) on drums, this power trio plays on adventurous grounds, mixing blues and funk roots with more complex rythm and sound textures, not to forgot great interplay and musicianship. Damien Ossart-Villanova's guitar is the expressive voice of this instrumental release, playing with strong command, fluidity and great tone. A refreshing new trio! buy