Daniele Gottardo, Jason Becker: Daniele Gottardo competition... select top 15 videos

After the solos comes the judging... thankfully fathers day enabled me to trundle through the remaining videos and start completing my short list. First up the main short list... this requires me to capture my top solos from the submissions sent in... fortunately I've been keeping a list of the solos that moved during the competition. There were so many great solos that it's really difficult to pick, or really miss players out from the list... but after playing through my main list I got it down to my top 65! That's about 1 in every 8 videos makes it through.

The next round I watch the videos again getting it down to my top 40... things are a little difficult at this point because the quality is really high... even after checking videos again... you are not sure... but you have to pick and move on. I've know I have had to say good bye to some really great solos at this point. After that round, cutting through the forest of notes and tapped arpeggios, I'm down to my top 20...

Top 20... yes this means I now have to find the videos that are on the edge of total greatness... by this time the really great solos are standing out and so are easy to pick... but saying farewell to the lower quartile is still going to be tough, I have to play a number of videos again... this is tough!! I change the order a number of times... I move some in some out. I count the list one more time... Bingo that's it... don't look again... don't review again... the decision is done... my top 15 are ready!!!

So 1 in 37.6 will no doubt be happy with my selection... Sereiously, this competition only works with people like you... so a big thanks to all of you who entered a video into the competition, you should be proud of what you have done and no doubt Jason Becker and Daniele Gottardo rightly thanks you for your efforts too. Now just have to wait for all the judges to get their lists complete.

For those who want to have a crack at your own top 15... please feel free to post them in response to this post or on the main youtube video.

Daniele Gottardo Competition

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