Pablo Mendoza: First Festival of Guitar Corp Banca

For the First Festival of Guitar Corp Banca BOD l Cultural Center, we provide a comprehensive picture of the guitar today. Diversity is one of the strengths of the event, parading various musical genres on this long weekend of June 29 to July 3: jazz, rock, pop, fusion, blues, the Venezuelan academics The flamenco.
Venezuela is the land of guitarists, just to mention three pioneers like Antonio Lauro, Alirio Diaz and Rodrigo Riera, with them he went around the world as much rejoicing. In this first edition we have chosen a handful of fine musicians solvents, we know that many are missing the talents, the excellence is at the surface when it comes to Miguel Esteves Delgado, Aquiles Baez, Juan Angel Esquivel, Rigel Mitxelena, Alvaro Paiva (Kapicua), Pablo Mendoza, Bartholomew Diaz, Pedro Castillo, Luis Zea, Germain Cova, Alvaro Falcon, Gonzalo Mico. From Italy comes Flavio Sala, winner of the International Guitar Competition Alirio Diaz.

Friday July 1Pablo Mendoza 10:00 pm

Pablo Mendoza