Romain "Roo" Chapus: Clinic at Sound Shop Helsinki

A great bit of clinic guitar playing captured in this video. Really enjoyed his tone and fluid legao licks.

Romain "Roo" Chapus:
This Performance is from the opening day of SoundShop. I was invited to perform as a Mayones Guitars artist. I had also the fantastic privilege to try their huge (gorgeous) collection of Mayones Guitars: Regius/Setius/Legend/Maestro etc... all my dreams in all finishes and settups!
Here you see me performing:
- Guitar Without a Cause
- The Mystical Potatoe Head Groove Thing
Apologies for my rough playing :)

Shound-Shop on paras soitinliike ja paras henkilökunta olen ikinä tavanut. Peukalot pystyyn!!!

Roo, Clinic at Sound Shop Helsinki (Mayones Guitars)