George Lynch: Don Dokken feud still rolling along

Don: "That’s a hard question to answer. For years Mick and myself were against it, finally we were talked into discussing it, several people, managers, agents and so on asked Mick to fly in from Phoenix. He agreed so we both drove out to where Jeff and George live. We had a meeting at Foreigner's booking agents house as a BBQ and a lot of industry people were there. They were all pushing for it to happen. Five minutes into the meeting Jeff said he would love to do it but was busy until 2012 with Foreigner. Mick and I were shocked he could have told us that in an email, so that was that. I had already gone out to Jeff's studio and spent the day with him and George. They played me some cool riffs and I did some rough vocal ideas, then we were asked to be on That Metal Show. It seemed it was all going to happen, but like I've said in other interviews, the night before the show I got an email from Jeff asking us not to mention a reunion. FYI, I 'saved the email.' So I was in a tough spot. I had to tell Eddie Trunk the day of the show not to bring it up. It was a very uncomfortable situation for him and me. The rest is history, George started bashing me in interviews and putting all the blame on me that the reunion was a no go! I guess something good came out of it there was bad blood between Mick and George since our second break up. Mick toured with LYNCH MOB for a few weeks recently and apparently it went well as far as them getting along." more