Jane Smith: Fuzz Box Girl - The Fuzz MKII Pedal by Retro Channel Demo

http://www.retro-channel.com All the goodness of an old school fuzz made with modern technology. This is the Fuzz by Retro Channel.... it was designed with a proprietary chip set to give you the sound of a vintage germanium fuzz without the headache of worrying that it will sound different due to weather, temperature or other mishaps on the road. It's not sold on their website, but check them out for their awesome amps as well!
Gear used:
Gibson Firebird
VOX AC30 combo with blue celestion speakers
Shure SM 57
Fuzzbox Cocktail- Silver Coconut- 1 part Patron Silver, 2 parts coconut rum and lime juice to taste

The Fuzz MKII Pedal by Retro Channel Demo w/ Gibson Firebird