Jane Smith: Fuzz Box Girl Fuzz Petal by Quinnamp

http://www.quinnamp.com So I was gardening and came across this little gem. Now, just because it is called the Fuzz "Petal" doesn't mean it's for girls :) This is a great little fuzz for anyone looking for earlier Arbiter type pedals..... and it is $100 bucks. And one other note..... they normally don't come with a pink LED, they are normally blue :)
Gear used:
Gibson Firebird
VOX AC30 combo with blue celestion speakers
Shure SM57
Fuzzbox Cocktail- Pina Colada- cream of coconut, coconut rum, lots of ice, milk, and some frozen chunks of pineapple

Fuzz Petal by Quinnamp Pedal Demo - He loves me, he loves me not