Jane Smith: Fuzz Box Girl - deLuxe Motor Fuzz Pedal

the web site: http://www.fuzzboxgirl.com/2011/09/05/deluxe-motor-fuzz-pedal-by-orion-effekte-demo-guitar-player-magazine-top-25-fuzz-pick/
http://www.orion-fx.com and http://www.reverendguitars.com andhttp://www.fuzzboxgirl.com My new favorite fuzzy.... honestly. I found out about this pedal when I was reading Guitar Player Magazine's list of their top 25 fuzz pedals on the market. This pedal is Ge based and is super dirty. Looking for Black Keys or some White Stripes tones? I think I found the pedal for you! Check it out....
Gear Used:
Reverend Guitars Warhawk II HB
VOX AC30 combo with blue celestion speakers
Shure SM57
FuzzBox Stein- a good old brewsky :)

deLuxe Motor Fuzz Pedal by Orion Effekte Demo- Guitar Player Magazine Top 25 Fuzz Pick