Atma Anur: Jason Becker Fest Diaries 10# and 11#

Part 10 in the chronicle series. Here Atma shares his perspective on space and how he is comfortable filling it. His use of odd groupings, flam rudiments and seemingly 'geometric' rhythmic lines, makes his sound, and feel, very unique. Join Atma and the other special guests, including Guthrie Govan, Stu Hamm and Kiko Loureiro, at the Jason Becker Not Dead Yet festival, November 13, Haarlem, Holland.
Atma Anur - Jason Becker Fest Diaries (Part 10)

Part 11 in the series shares more insight into the mindset and comfort zone of Atma Anur. This series chronicles the preparation and practice routines that Atma is undertaking for the six hour guitar marathon, Jason Becker Not Dead Yet festival. These clips are an opportunity to see, up close, Atma's very unique style and way of seeing groove, space and technique. The clips are posted to hopefully bring more attention to the festival which benefits the ALS foundation and Jason Becker and his family.

Atma Anur - Jason Becker Fest Diaries (Part 11)

Guthrie Govan
Stuart Hamm
Mattias IA Eklundh
Michael Lee Firkins
Kiko Loureiro
Atma Anur
Marco Sfogli
Daniele Gottardo
Stéphan Forté
Andy James
Joop Wolters
Marcel Coenen
Barend Courbois
Timo Somers
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