News: Orange Amps Add Authenticity to New 20th Century Boy Musical

Orange Amps came to the fore at the height of flower power and psychedelia in the 1970’s. At the same time Marc Bolan and T.Rex, some of the most iconic performers of that time, were sitting around chatting in the Orange shop and using Orange Amps to make some of the greatest songs ever written.

Recently the world premiere of 20th Century Boy, a musical that celebrates the life and songs of Marc Bolan and T.Rex, opened at the New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich. The show features 27 hits and rarities from Bolan’s back catalogue and of course Orange Amps to keep it all authentic.

Marc Bolan, poet, electric warrior, king of glam rock, considered to be the godfather of punk rock, created in his short life a string of number one hits, a series of iconic images, and an army of obsessive fans. His influence is as relevant today as when he first burst on to the British music scene over forty years ago. Johnny Marr and Mika frequently cite him as one of their influences, and his music has been featured in major movies (Moulin Rouge, Jarhead and Billy Elliot) and a smash hit series Life on Mars.

This dynamic new musical, 20th Century Boy, takes a look behind the glitter and sequins to discover what drove the ‘bard of Hackney’ to become bigger and better. It features hits such as Hot Love, Telegram Sam, Children Of The Revolution, 20th Century Boy, and I Love To Boogie to name but a few. The musical was written by Peter Rowe in association with Gary Lloyd and George Maguire who plays Marc Bolan has been receiving rave reviews.

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