Taufiq Qureshi : Rhythms of India - cool drumming video

Taufiq plays his unique percussion kit comprising frame drums, duffs, biongos, snare, high-hat, cymbals and assorted percussion. HE is joined by his young students playing traditional folk percussion instruments such as the dholak, dhol and duffs, capturing the essence of contemporary Indian folk and festival rhythms. This energetic ensemble medley draws from the spirit of celebration found across India.
This is an excerpt from DVD title from Ultimate Guru Music , titled "The Art Of Indian Fusion Drumming" by Taufiq Qureshi
This revolutionary 2-DVD set, filmed in HD Video, presentation portrays the deep musical heritage of one of India's leading artists. DVD Disk 1 features live studio performance in a broad array of Fusion and Classical styles. DVD disc 2 showcases Taufiq Qureshi's newly developed language for playing traditional Indian (Tabla) beats on the Djembe, along with grooves and interview.
DVD is in English and is subtitled in French, German, Portugese, Spanish and Japanese.
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Rhythms of India - Taufiq Qureshi - The Art of Indian Fusion Drumming - Ultimate Guru Music