Nicolas Notarianni: Guitar Snake

Nicolas Notarianni: Nicolas Notarianni, a French guitarist who uses the stage name Guitarsnake, is a virtuoso who released his solo CD, "Around The World" in 2011 on Mad Guitar Records. The instrumental album is a masterpiece of colorful and emotional guitar music, crafted with flawless guitar technique and a unique feel.

This "group panel" interview was conducted with Notarianni in cyberspace to get answers to questions concerning his gear, promotion and his early development. more

Interview Guitarsnake MGR

Nicolas Notarianni - Guitar, Drums, Production, Arrangements, Mixing, Mastering
Dave Rimmer - Bass
Laurent Reinling - Drums
Yannick Garandel - Artwork
Stephane Gay - Guest Guitar Solo
Loïc Bonnecaze - Guest Guitar Solo
Roo - Guest Guitar Solo
Olivier Mesnier - Guest Guitar Solo
Yann Armellino - Guest Guitar Solo
Victor Lafuente - Guest Guitar Solo

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