Ariel Ferreyrola: Blue In Green

Gianluca Ferro: new CD Unheimlich release date announced

Andy James: off to NAMM for ESP and may be Musikmesse 2011

Gabriella D'Ambrosi: she is leaving,,,

Aleksandar Sukovic: Dance of The Marbles

Emanuele Perilli: Elheaven new CD

Prashant Aswani: "Sonically Speaking" available in the UK

News: Xox Handle back in stock

Juan Jose Pelegrin: Vigier Excalibur Ultra 2011

Jean-Dominique Leonelli,: Ibanez RG 1527 Prestige Custom for sale!

Fletcher Barton: young kid grooving smoothly at Strombolli's

Joop Wolters,Rick Graham,Vivien Lalu: False Poetry CD - full details and samples

Mateus Nogueira: Concurso Double Vision DVD

Marcos De Ros: Pinky and the Brain

Gianluca Ferro: Legato String Skip

Bruno Di Giorgi: melodic soloing, composition and orchestration

Allan Holdsworth: two classic bands

Shawn Lane: Rimini Italy 1999

Allan Holdsworth: didier lockwood - crazy eight