Joop Wolters,Rick Graham,Vivien Lalu: False Poetry CD - full details and samples

Joop Wolters New CD False Poetry: buy

  1. sponge 7:28
  2. saviour 3:38
  3. ozric dream 6:58
  4. rage of 10 7:25
  5. drowned 3:32
  6. renegade robots 5:02
  7. mi corazon 2:52
  8. lost 5:26
  9. counterclockwise 3:40
  10. universal doubt 7:55
  11. extra track 11. a way home 4.23
FALSE POETRY-JOOP WOLTERS preview new album..

album info: all compositions, production and instruments by Joop Wolters
Joop Wolters:( compositions, all guitars, basses, synth and synthguitars,drumcomposition/programming, arrangements and production)
song written and recorded between 2007/2010
all parts recorded and mixed in studio "heaven's touch" weert
drums Patrick recorded in budel and gelderop
drums Atma recorded in poland..
used gear:
guitars and basses: Bo-el, yamaha, fender, Ibanez, Cort
amps: Laney tt-50h, engl powerball 2, egnater renegade 65 h, pod x3
Roland gr-20 guitarsynth module, korg wavestation.. 
Patrick Eijdems drums on tracks (1,2,3,5,6,7)
Atma Anur drums on tracks (4,8,10)
guest soloist:
Vivien Lalu key - solo on track 10
Rick Graham guitar - solo on track 8

thanx to: mum and dad, gearpro, patrick eijdems, atma anur, vivien lalu, rick graham, roel kaller, nick, joeri...and all suporters of the music out there....thanx for buying the album