Marko Vesovic: Aurora competition

John Huldt: Live at Rustys 2011

Marco De Cave: full on blue

Tristan Klein: super blues, the way it should be!

Chris Dimareli: shredding to the max

Tony Waka: Who is that incredible masked man?

Ron Thal: Young Guitar

Richie Kotzen,Stephen Ross: tearing up the fretboard!

Daniele Liverani, Tommy Ermoli,Alberto Rigoni: Twinspirits live Uster Switzerland

Luigi Rinaldi: new school of music in Montecilfone

Rie aka Suzaku: Mother Earth

Kitsune Sato: 8 finger tapping from the land of the rising sun

Matthew McGhee: 8 String Guitar Tapping - La Jolla

Silvio Assaiante: the fusion tapping and contemporary dance

Justin Sandercoe: Slide To The Same lesson

Robert Marcello: Roland GR-55 Namm 2011

Stephen Ross, Rusty Cooley, Joy Basu: Leave the World Alone

Tom Quayle: G&L Tribute S-500 Guitar review

Andrea Accorsi: legato lessons

Reb Beach: Axe magazine tapping lesson

Eric Gales: SRV Memorial SOLO

Stef Burns: Dig a Pony - keyboard solo

Pedro Molina: Fusion jam

t-cophony: Cold noise

Ruggero Robin: Robin Mathisen Millot Trio - Moonriver demo

Angel Ruiz: The animal- Solo

Marcelo Barbosa: Masterclass in Brazilian

Richie Kotzen: Los Angeles 2006

Floyd Fernandes: TRex a monster pedal for a monster player!!

News: Gibson Firebird X

Uli Jon Roth,Pat McManus: French tour dates

Roy Z: Rob Rock says expect a new Driver CD soon.

Chris Letchford: Focus on Extreme Metal interview

Joe Bonamassa, Derek Sherinian: Black Country Communion US dates

Joop Wolters: jam ballad with 4seasons pickups

David Weiner: learn from a video or book

Eric Gales,Shawn Lane: live

Sam Bell: Alternate Picking Lick

Victor Lafuente: it's raining notes

Niels Vejlyt: Lick of the week #3 - crazy 7 string!

Mitch Perry: Frankenstein

Michael Lee Firkins, Andy Timmons, Joel Hoekstra

Chris Lasegue: Jag Panzer's new video

Jon Mulvey,Stu Hamm: This and That new CD