Michael Ruelas: announces new CD

This is a live rendition of the song "The Alien Egyptian" off my soon to be released "Furious Play" album. This song was performed live on the Zero Hour squared show on CCCTV-27 in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Special thanks to Mike Trujillo for having me on the show and giving permission to use the video.

Michael A. Ruelas - The Alien Egyptian (Live on Zero Hour²)

Previous CD

Album: Souly Within
Length: 43 Minutes
Tracks: 11
UPC: 885444188640
Label: Fierce Beauty Recordings

Track Listing:
Scared for No Reason
Hidden Tears
Memories We Shared
Fierce Beauty
Come With Me
Creatures In the Sky
Fierce Beauty "Live"
Come With Me "Live"
He Got Lucky
Spanish High