News: Harpejji 24 Strings tapping instrument is featured at NAMM

Have you heard about the groundbreaking new musical instrument called the harpejji? If not, here's the scoop: The harpejji is captivating people all over the world, making its way onto Oscar-nominated films, the Academy Awards stage, Grammy-nominated albums, prime-time television, arena concerts and more. Read on!
What is a Harpejji?
Pronounced "har-PEH-jee", the harpejji is a member of a small family of stringed instruments known as tapping instruments. Tapping instruments are descendants of the electric guitar that have been optimized for a method of playing that includes tapping on a string to produce a note. Unlike other tapping instruments, the harpejji utilizes patented design features to make it amazingly comfortable to play, easy to navigate and capable of more expressive techniques, such as strumming. The end result is a powerfully expressive tool for making music, not to mention a whole new way to think about music. Two models are available, the 16-string G16 ($1999) and the 24-string K24 ($3999).

Harpejji at Winter NAMM '12
The harpejji will be making its NAMM debut this January 19-22, courtesy of the Museum of Making Music, booth E0 in Hall E. Try out the harpejji K24 yourself.

"Pumpkin Spice" featuring Harpejji K24