Brian Larkin,Matt Moliti: Dark Empire - From Refuge to Ruin new CD announced

From Refuge to Ruin
Nightmare Records
27 March 2012
GENRE: Progressive Metal

1. A Plague in the Throne Room - 5:23
2. Dreaming in Vengeance - 7:14
3. The Crimson Portrait - 4:58
4. Dark Seeds of Depravity - 4:41
5. From Refuge to Ruin - 9:39
6. Lest Ye Be Judged - 5:49
7. What Men Call Hatred - 4:43
8. Black Hearts Demise - 4:13
9. The Cleansing Fires - 13:55  

For Fans of: Symphony X, Nevermore, Opeth.
New Jersey’s Dark Empire returns to the scene with their third release, From Refuge to Ruin. Fusing elements of extreme and classic metal, 70’s prog rock, and poetic, meaningful lyrics, Dark Empire bring forth a tremendously successful amalgam that is both refreshingly unique as well as raw and aggressive.

I have heard it and it really is awesome progressive metal with top notch vocals and guitar!