Jose de Castro: Moments CD details

Jose de Castro (guitar); Jose Vera (bass); Enzo Filippone (drums); featuring Jacob Sureda and Alex Garcia

Moments is the fifth instrumental album of this amazing spanish guitarist. As in his previous works, the mix of styles and his personality playing are the main feature of this work. They are 12 tracks with rock sound that go from the slowest blues to the subtlest and most complex fussion, going from accoustic moments to beautiful half times. As the album sound as the track performance are awesome. Jose, one more time, shows that he can play different music styles and make (them) theirs with the personal style that characterizes him.

The perfect mix between vintage and modern sounds!!! Again, we are in front of an instrumental record where the songs /tracks are unforgettable.

1. On the Road
2. Three Monkeys
3. Lazy Blues
4. I Can’t Stop
5. So Good
6. A.A.
7. Kick the Snare
8. Time After Time
9. Dirty
10. Follow the Moment
11. Soul
12. The Only One (To Gary Moore)