Brian Hunsaker: Across the Galaxy review

Brian Hunsaker was born and raised in Seattle and has been been playing electric guitar since 1990. Brian has taken 4 years of painstaking hard work to deliver the "Across the Galaxy" CD and it shows. What’s on offer on this classic CD is is top notch productions with classy guitar sounds, the sort you would expect from a Joe Satriani, Steve Vai and the ever classy Truth In shredding favourite, Dimitar Nalbantov.

I was lucky enough to grab a copy from Brian himself and it’s clear why he’s rightly proud of his work. All tunes sparkle with classy production, with mellifluous musical key tones, resonant rock guitars and full drums that don’t overpower the classy guitar work and with guitar nestling neatly into the backing track, avoiding the possible potential shredathon issues of instrumental guitar albums. This is the sort of production you can get when you work on it over such a long time.

Like Dimitar Nalbantov, it’s clear that Brian Hunsaker is thinking production as well as songwriting when he’s laying down his tunes. So the CD is all about the tone, feel and intonation, notes ring out, vibrato is clean and wide, just the way that I like it. Songs have great use of keyboard tones and his layering of guitars to build out the sound is spot on, Surreal Majesty being a great example of Brian’s studio work.

Brian Hunsaker's Rock out tunes are big and beefy, but they're distinctly not metal, more hard rock. Pumping bass and slabs of rocking guitar, a prime example being the rockier Gila Monster, which was developed into a promotional video for the album.

Gila Monster - original music by Brian Hunsaker

Stand out cuts for me are the slower tunes, you can imagine driving your car nonchalantly along the highway, windows down, sun shining, sound up loud for all to hear. Reverie, which reminds me of a rocky, modernised Joe Satriani, Rubina, with jangly keys and rich, sumptuous and full guitar tones. Plus the afore mentioned Surreal Majesty and the rockier Into Orbit, beefy drums, and lush keys and harmonised layered guitar work.

So all in all a top notch bit of guitar and production, this is one of those great guitar albums for a sunny day, play loud and enjoy! I’m sure your neighbours will enjoy it too :) ...

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