Steve Hubbard: Suhr Badger 35™ Amplifier

JS Technologies Inc. | Suhr Guitar is proud to introduce Badger 35™ Amplifier - Product Demo.
- an innovative mid-wattage amp designed to deliver classic tones at any volume. Sonically, Badger 35 imparts a distinctly British flavor with its quad EL-84 power section. From warm complex cleans, to classic British high gain, and everything in between - Badger 35 delivers. Need that same high gain tone at lower volumes? No problem, Badger 35 offers power scaling to easily dial in real power tube crunch all the way down to 1 watt.
The Badger Family of products is now available in "Vintage Cream" (shown above), and shipping in April. To order, contact your local Suhr dealer.
Badger 35™ Amplifier - Product Demo