Piotrek Gruszka: Gru - Cosmogenesis

Piotrek Gruszka from Masovia, Poland, AKA Gru, has released his instrumental solo album 'Cosmogenesis'. It is available for free download from Dropbox, and it can be streamed in full from his Bandcamp page http://grumusic.bandcamp.com/ . Download http://www.sendspace.com/file/vjk4pc

The incredible album "Cosmogenesis" by the one-man Polish band, Gru.
(All music and artwork belongs to their respective owners. My intention behind uploading this is to increase Gru's fanbase.)

1: Universe 0:00-1:13
2: Nebula 1:13-7:03
3: Pulsar 7:03-12:07
4: Fermi Paradox 12:07-14:34
5: Stellar 14:34-19:55
6: Aurora 19:55-23:27
7: Andromeda 23:27-28:55
8: Zeta Reticuli 28:55-34:11

Gru-Cosmogenesis (Full Album)


  1. awesome music... a voyage beyond the music

  2. sendspace-Link is inactive

  3. It was available during the promotion period... you can still get the albums on bandcamp.


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