Dave Martone, Raj Krishna, Keston Barker: Shredding the Vancouver Guitar Show 2011

Raj Krishna shreds against his opponent Keston Barker at the Vancouver Guitar Show's "shred off" contest, with Vancouver's own Dave Martone hosting. Omnisight's debut album "Path" available on iTunes andhttp://omnisight.bandcamp.com/album/path

OmnisighT has been said to be the next big thing in progressive rock/metal. Formed as a partnership between virtuoso guitarist (and singer/songwriter) Raj Krishna and professional session drummer Chris Warunki, this deadly duo has been amassing lethal amounts of quality progressive, hook-filled songs. OmnisighT's unique sound can be described as catchy, powerful, raw, emotional, intense and inspiring with thought-provoking lyrics and many odd-time changes. In late 2010, while on a creative-streak, OmnisighT enlisted Producer/Engineer Dave Shannon to document it's material which resulted in the monolithic 80 minute debut (a concept album about addiction and recovery) entitled "Path", which will see a July 2011 digital and (limited) physical release via Warunki Media. "Path" is an epic journey of progressive hard rock and shred metal with killer chops and massive hooks that only OmnisighT can conjure. The path awaits your footsteps.
released 28 July 2011
Raj Krishna (Vocals/Guitar/Bass), Chris Warunki (Drums/Cymbals). Produced/Engineered by Dave Shannon. Co-Produced by OmnisighT and Blake Rurik.
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Omnisight Raj Krishna shreds @ Vancouver Guitar Show 2011