Tom Morello: 10,000 guitar players March

Tom Morello has put out a call for "10,000 guitar players" to join him on Tuesday (May 1) for Occupy Wall Street demonstrations in New York City. Morello wrote on Twitter, "I'm putting a new band together and ur in it. Our 1st rehearsal is tomm noon (at) Bryant Park in NYC. Looking for about 10,000 guitar players." He added, "Join my new band! Don't have a guitar? Bring a drum. No drum? Bring a kazoo. No kazoo? Just come."

Morello, a staunch progressive and fierce political activist, has performed at a number of Occupy camps around the world, including those in London, Los Angeles and New York.

The demonstration scheduled for Tuesday in New York will feature an "occupation" of Bryant Park in midtown Manhattan as well as a march from Union Square to the lower part of the island.

On Tuesday, which is also known as May Day or International Worker's Day, Morello will also launch his "World Wide Rebel Tour" documentary worldwide for free, with 42 unique, customized versions in 30 different languages

World Wide Rebel Tour will be available for FREE worldwide on MAY DAY (05-01-2012).

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