Brett Michael Spunt: Blues Fusion from Baked Potato 2012

Spunt’s instrumental guitar based music has been featured on ESPN, and the Surf Channel, and featured on FM Radio, including Los Angeles’s 95.5 KLOS. Spunt's original music mixes many styles of music, and alot of originality, to create a fresh unique style in the world of Instrumental Fusion Guitar. Make no mistake about it. Spunt's roots ARE in Rock and Roll, but his style, influences, and original compositions span the realms of Jazz, Blues, Rock, Classical, and Pop. He blends these influences together to create a unique cross-style.

Spunt's last release “Rebirth” is available on the independent label Unimuse Records.

Brett is currently composing music for and working on a new Jazz/Rock, and blues fusion project.......

There will be a new record coming in the next year as a result of this new project.

1. The Mind Of Spunt 4:52
2. Vibe 5:28
3. Rosa Maria 5:25
4. Interplanetary Voyage 5:18
5. Cerebral Hemorrhage 4:42
6. Spanish Soulnata 2:12
7. Chronic 5:22
8. Epoh Fognosa 4:56
9. The Journey 5:51
10. The Little Voices In My Head 2:38
11. Blues Jam 4:19
12. Gail 4:52

Brett Michael Spunt: Baked Potato 2012