Jeff Loomis: back to the studio for more recording!

Jeff Loomis will be entering the recording studio this week to record three new songs.

According to Jeff Loomis Band touring guitarist and vocalist Joe Nurre, “Jeff and I have collaborated musically on 2 of the songs, and I have lyrics and vocals written for the 3.” Touring drummer Anup Sastry will be playing the drums, and producer Aaron Smith will be recording and mixing. Apparently, Loomis will be going back to his roots. The former Nevermore guitarist played in a few death metal bands when he previously resided in Wisconsin as a teenager. “The vocals will be more aggressive and death metal-type.” Nurre explained.

There are plans to release the recordings digitally sometime in July, with samples of songs to be available beforehand.

Nurre added, “We will be playing some of these songs on our upcoming tour with The Contortionist. Jeff starts tracking on Tuesday.” more