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Bernd Steidl graduated High Scool in 1985 in Germany. He has been playing guitar and piano since he was a kid. Everybody in his family played one or two instruments. He had a strictly German classical music background.

He went to Los Angeles in 1987, and graduated at G.I.T. in Hollywood in 1988. Meanwhile Mike Varney got in contact with Bernd Steidl, and put him in "Guitar Player Magazine" and gave Bernd Steidl a record deal. He put out his first record in 1992, "Psycho Acoustic Overture". Back then Bernd Steidl thought his technique was still lacking and so he went to Moscow and Sofia to practice some piano and get more inspiration for his guitar playing.

He has played a lot live for the German Embassy and he has flown around the world to play for political events. He has played for George Bush, other presidents and kings. Right now I'm in Munich, Germany, producing music to pictures as well.He has produced "Pyscho acoustic overture", "burnt steel", American release name "Paganiniana". more

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