Eugene Lee: dedicated to my great grandmother

Getting used to the recently acquired Axe Fx 2 with a clean patch. Audio was recorded direct into Audacity via USB, and monitored through my Mackie HD 1221 loudspeaker. Using the trusty Suhr Custom Shop Modern as always.

A cover of the amazing tapping piece by Fred Baty of Crepusculum (Check him out here:, this song has haunted me this past month and I finally sat down to learn it and brush up a little on my tapping technique.

Hope you guys enjoy this as much as I enjoyed learning and playing it. Will be doing more videos frequently from now on so do subscribe if you like what i've done so far.

Concept & Guitar: Eugene Lee (
Director of Photography & Post-Production: Kurt Lin (
Audio Engineering: Kurt Lin (

Eugene Lee - "Wake Me With Whispers" (Crepusculum Cover)