Axel Weiss: Flow - new jazz CD

Axel Weiss

I'm an independent modern art painter and modern jazz musician from Franconia, Northern Bavaria.

Influenced musically by the 1960ties and 70ties - modern jazz, free jazz and jazz-rock -, I try to fulfill my intrinsic tendency for original music with free jazz improvisations on the one side and composed bossa nova / latin jazz on the other.

Various collaborations, here is primarily to mention my musical duo work with my good friend Oddrun Eikli, the great singer from Oslo, and more recently, the mostly free experimental approach with the exceptional jazz flutist Cheryl Pyle from New York City, are increasingly developing since the last years. A third duo - with my friend Werner B√ľsch from Northern Germany - is characterized by a kind of punky- funky jazz-rock tunes. All this original music, either composed or improvised, is always built on the basis of our shared attitudes in music, (he)art and soul.

Actually we are working on a new sextet project with Cheryl Pyle (New York City), Oddrun Eikli (Oslo), Arne Hiorth (Oslo), Sean O'Bryan Smith (Nashville), Stanislav Zaslavsky (Kamensk) and me.

Release date - 1st September 2012:

"FLOW" is coming soon - a fresh new international and independent jazz album.
This is our intrinsic music - music for itself. We play to fulfill our love of music and
heart tendency for original sounds which range from free jazz improvisations to
composed jazz ballads. This album appears on the new label "Intrinsic Records".

FLOW new cd release -Sept 1 , 2012 on Intrinsic Records