Bireli Lagrene: Jazz in Marciac - on fire!

Real phenomenon of the guitar, talented improviser, brilliant virtuoso style, Bireli Lagrene was able to escape the image of Django Reinhardt epigone which stuck to the skin from its beginning to explore new horizons opened by the merger. Born in a gypsy community of musicians, he recorded in 1980 "Routes To Django" which earned him the reputation of guitar prodigy. Tempted by the merger in the late 80s (at that time he recorded two albums with Jaco Pastorius), he has returned since the 2000s and his Gipsy Project and to his first love is revealed as the architect of the most persuasive return strength of gypsy jazz.

Bireli Lagrene @ Jazz_in_Marciac: Friday, August 3, 2012