Cat Ginjineko: Driven to the future

Hey hey, ginjineko here!

Thanks for all your support.
Today, I have awesome news and a small favor to ask of you guys.

Right now, I'm participating a guitar contest called "eo Music Try".
I've passed the first stage and proceeded to the second stage (woohoo!).

And now, I need your support (in other words, vote).

The website where you can vote is all in Japanese so please read the following instruction carefully!

1. Click this URL. You'll be directed to my entry page.

2. Click on the green button on that page, which says "このアーティストに投票する (Vote this artist)".

3. A small window pops up. Enter your PC email address in the upper field.

4. With the bottom pull-down menu, you are supposed to select your location.
However, it's all in Japanese so go ahead and choose whichever you like.
Once the button that says "確認 (Confirm)" shows up on your right, click it!

5. Once the page changes, click the button that says "仮投票 (Temp. Vote)".

6. Go check your email box (the one you entered in step 3). You should receive email from eo office in a few minutes.
Once you click the long URL in the email, you'll be directed to the vote page.

7. On the vote page, go ahead and click the button that says "本投票 (Finalize the vote)". And you are done!

I'd appreciate your support, friends!
You can only vote once, so if you could also ask your family or friends to vote for me, that'll be super great!

Thanks guys!

Sincerely yours,

Driven to the future -未来への衝動- 【Plz Vote and Check my