Ron Jaworski,Brian Sunga: Il Nomine Patris - Baionetta

Il Nomine Patris
Formed July 2010.
Some say our genre can be called:
Progressive Metal
Symphonic Metalcore
Melodic Death Metal
Bass Playthrough video of "Baionetta". This song will be included in the upcoming Il Nomine Patris album. Gear used: ALBION ABH300H, ALBION BLS115, Ibanez BTB676

Thank you to Albion Amps and 20th Ave. Music Lane for the support!
Special thanks to Fidel of Dark Crayola and Adam of Astral Palette for filming and editing this video. \m/

Bass Playthrough - "Baionetta" by Il Nomine Patris - ALBION ABH300H & BLS115