Rowan J Parker: Buckethead, Fast Pentatonics... Develop Monster Chops!

Buckethead? You bet! The Judge returns with possibly his most out there lick so far. Whole tone madness at a truly fret melting tempo! Get more from the Judge at where you can subscribe for yet more widdlesome guitar goodness

Judge Shred - Episode 7 - Insane Buckethead Lick!

The Widdler returns for Episode 5 bringing you simple but awesome rock licks. This time it's some easy to play but impressive sounding pentatonic runs, fill your boots! More great guitar at

The Widdler! - Episode 5 - Fast Pentatonic Runs

Learn the craft of the guitar with Rock Guitar Fundamentals. In this episode we address common fretting hand problems and show you how to overcome your technical limitations and develop monster chops! Drawing on my 20 years of teaching experience these lessons are designed to help you avoid or correct the numerous common problems that rock guitar players have. Visit for more cool guitar lessons

Rock Guitar Fundamentals - Episode 4 - Develop Monster Chops Part 1