Michael Angelo Batio: over $20,000 Kickstarter... still time to get s slice

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Hi everyone. This clip is of the main melody of Intermezzo. What you are hearing are the drums and 7 string rhythms with me playing the melody "live" over the verse progression. There is no Bass Guitar on this or any of the songs yet. That's next! There is a lot more to this song than the verse melody, including an intricate, baroque sounding piano section as well as a lot of twists and turns in the music. The lead that I played is again, the main melody, but that was me playing live and that take will not be the one that is on the finished version. Thanks again for your support! Rock, Michael

Check out the demo track: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/15580365/michael-angelo-batio-intermezzo-album-project/posts/359345