Mike Groisman: Never Give Up

Bruno Monello: rock blues fusion solos

Dragianni: Five Days In Thunderground

Irene Ketikidi: Comfortably Numb - Solos a great lesson

Deeyana: Always With Me, Always With You

Jason Becker: 50%, 94 pledges and only 29 days left

News: 35th Dallas set for April 2012

Martin Miller: working on Tom Goetze Band album

Guthrie Govan: clinic demos cool chicken picking

News: National Learn to Play Day UK

News: London ICMP BA (Hons) Music Business degree course

George Marios,Chris Pallas,Stelios Arnaoutoglou,Chris Dimareli: Force 10 from Greece - master jamathon

Jess P Tzimas: Ballad for Tony

Marco Iacobini,Stuart Hamm,Billy Sheehan: New album announced, packed with great players

Panos Arvanitis: smoking an NK 7 string hand made guitar

News: Eddie Trunk moves to satellite radio

Panos Papapetros: Castles acoustic - stunning tribute to Gary Moore,

News: Hardest Thing You Can Do On Guitar

Gary Moore,Jack Bruce,Gary Husband: Cream classics, never seen this before!

Barend Courbois,Timo Somers,Atma Anur: set to record Tri-Head debut album at Hillywood

Jason Becker: exclusive live CD update

Walter Trout: UK tour dates announced

Guthrie Govan: got your Aristocrats tour tickets?

Uli Jon Roth, Jason Becker: improvisation over Rain, Jason is in the audience watching.

Silvio Gazquez: Spear Guitars, sounding great!

Piotr Kaczor: Guitar Loves Piano #6

Fred Brum: Kemper Profiling Amp Playthrough

Jake Guy: Somewhere Tonight

Arnaldo Garcia: Tribute to Greg Howe - Morning View

Osvaldo Di Dio: Red House

Jan Laurenz: breaks a finger, but soldiers on!

James Ivanyi: Paradigm is the key

Petr Henych: G-BOD live

Neil Peart: drum week Letterman June 9th 2011

Ruggero Robin: Bruce Gaitsch fretless original

Joe Stump: Bed room, Shred room!

Levi Clay: Larry Carlton Fusion Strat Jam