João Luzio: Futurália Março 2012

Allan Holdsworth: live at the Iridium 2012

Kasia Maliszewska: C4 live show announced

Brian Hunsaker: Across the Galaxy - new CD

Takar Nabam: So It Begins - classy instrumental

Levi Clay, Shaun Baxter: 1991 Candy Apple Red USA Malmsteen Strat up for sale

Gabriele Lazzerini: Your Omen guitar solo play through

The Commander-In-Chief: 7 stringer interviewed

Jason Becker: Exclusive live CD, only 4 days left and we are 5% short!

Billy Cobham: Triple Paradiddle Rudiment

Pedro Molina: Liberty original instrumental

Tony MacAlpine,Nili Brosh: Budapest - Dream Mechanism 2012

Nicolas Waldo: The Zion´s Nephilim

Yngwie Malmsteen: Fire and ice tour rehearsal 1992 series

Jason Becker: Canadian movie premiere in Toronto announced

András Ispán: Minotaur Project