Kasia Maliszewska: C4 live show announced

C4 Band consists of:
Catherine Maliszewska - guitar
Wojciech Pruszyński - keyboards
Peter Stepek - bass
Peter Budniak - drums

C4 team was formed at the end of 2011, transforming the guitar-drum duo up to the present, four-seat storage. We play mostly instrumental compositions by me, which (as I decided) lying too long in the proverbial "drawer". And so the meeting with his colleagues was like a bolt of lightning. Provided me with very positive energy and motivation to work on songs, which have long wanted to share ... Their final form is, however, the result is not only my ideas, but suggestions and musical sensitivity of each team member. This is not classical music, this is not just blues, this is not jazz itself, nor is it rock, folk and fusion .... A instrumental stories that everyone can interpret differently.

Why is C4? https://www.facebook.com/events/369243366443086/
- "C" is like a four
- There are four of us
- We're positively loaded with the music we play .. :)

During the concert will be held on the twentieth anniversary of the opening of the Festival Blues on the beaver. Will be seen in dozens of works by Gregory Sidorowicz and Leszek "WordHex" Żukrowski, showing great years, "Blues on the Bober," The people who create the atmosphere, wonderful musicians and friends ...

The concert supports the Hofner - one of the known and leading brands of musical instruments, which I recommend :))). Thank you!

Cordially invite you to the bakery Silent Women in Zielona Gora, on the last Saturday in March 2011 in the chair. 20.00. Tickets cost 15 zloty to purchase before the concert.

See you there!

Friselious (2) - Kasia Maliszewska